See what our latest analysis on the UK Construction market says about your company

The Plimsoll Analysis is an unrivalled assessment of the UK Construction market and its top 1500 companies. Used by some of the industry's leading companies, Plimsoll provides live intelligence on:

  • Acquisitions: 611 companies rated as “Highly Attractive”
  • Benchmarking: 150 companies that are real up and coming threats
  • Growth / New Business: 150 companies have grown by more than 10% in the latest year compared to 2% growth rates across the market
  • Danger: 138 companies are serial loss makers while 56 companies are making the best profit
  • Company Valuations: Get an instant valuation on 1500 construction companies showing who is up and who is falling

"I see the Plimsoll Analysis as a starting point when identifying acquisition targets. The industry ranking tables help me identify suitable targets quickly in line with our criteria."

Richard Stoughton | MD Crossflight Limited

"We use the Plimsoll Analysis to benchmark our position within the market and for customer acquisition. With TALAT, we have insight into a highly competitive market which has helped us secure new business."

Alistair Mulligan | Desk Warehouse